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BICKNELL, A.J.  BICKNELL'S VILLAGE BUILDER AND SUPPLEMENT.                                                

New York: A.J. Bicknell & Co., 1872. Folio. Publishers cloth. (viii) pages, including half-title and title page with frontispiece, 56 lithographic plates with 19 leaves of letterpress; Supplement: (iv), (ii) pages with color lithographic frontispiece, 20 lithographic plates. [Hitchcock, 163].

"Revised edition with three additional plates and a variety of details (with) Supplement."  Originally published in 1870.  "Elevations and plans for cottages, villas, store fronts, school-houses, churches, court-houses, and a model jail...comprising the designs of fifteen leading architects, representing the New England, middle, western and southwestern states."  Architects include Lyman Underwood (Boston), C. Edward Loth (Troy), G.B. Croff (Fort Edward, NY), E. Boyden & Son (Worcester), Alfred Gable (St. Louis), E.R. Francisco (Kansas City), Davis D. Hopkins (Grand Rapids), etc.  This is one of the purest of the mid-Victorian pattern books, all of which have now gotten very hard to find.  The "Supplement" contains eighteen additional modern designs for country and surburban houses.  The frontispiece to the supplement is a lovely color lithograph.  Very good.