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Four Original Water-color Interior Designs



BRAGARD, Henri.  Four Original Water-color Interior Designs.


(Paris: circa 1895-1905.) Four original color drawings, matted. (45 x 31; 47 x 30; 47.5 x 29; and 45 x 33 centimeters).

Four finely drawn and detailed water-colors prepared by Henry Bragard, 31 Avenue d'Odeans, Paris, for Magasins du Printemps.  Printemps was established in 1865, after the retail model created by Bon Marché, with large show rooms offering an array of household goods.  (See Lancaster The Department Store, a Social History for more information.)  Two drawings are of a study for a Pierre Laguionie (one a traditional masculine design; the other an Art Nouveau creation.)  The third is of a classical drawing room; the fourth, an Art Nouveau bedroom for Henry Bataille, the French dramatist [1872-1922].